World Pigbait

World Industries stickers

My homeboys Ray and Pete popped over earlier and after watching (for the 800th time) the Busenitz vs. Cole BATB Game of Skate, we talked about a forthcoming trip to see our homeboy Paul Shier in L.A. The area of Torrance came up in discussion which reminded us of the old World Industries office address and the stickers they’d send out in return for a dollar or two back in the early ’90s.

Lots of my old skate stuff from those years has disappeared in house moves or when times got hard, but I’ve still got loads of stickers and catalogues (and pretty much every issue of Transworld, old Poweredge, Slap, Dirt and a load of other mags).

Funny seeing some of these sticky bits of vinyl sell for $50+ on eBay today.

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