— Chris Aylen

Thank You, Gwarizm

Gary, Kane, Chris - 2006

Gary, Big Daddy Kane and myself, 2006

Perhaps better known as Gwarizm, Gary Warnett meant so much, to so many people. His enthusiasm and relentless pursuit of everything good never ended.

When we started Spinemagazine back in 1999, Gary would email me relentlessly with music reviews and ideas for articles. He wasn’t after money or recognition – he just loved the things he loved and wanted to tell people about them. It was an easy decision to invite him into the fold.

From there, he and Charlie Morgan climbed into the cockpit of Crooked Tongues and turned our in-house project into something with clout and credibility. Never afraid to say what he thought, Gary had a way of diminishing nonsense without ever being spiteful. He went on to write copy for the very best brands, labels and people, such as Nike, Supreme, Complex and many many others.

Gary and I shared a mutual love of printed media. I can barely remember my own name some days, but Gary could reel off entire books… film scripts… product catalogues… at the drop of a hat. More often than not, he knew more about a brand’s output than the founders themselves.

Recently, he took a desk in The Drop Date office, sharing his vast knowledge with anyone who dared to enter the room. You might not get much work done when Gary was around, but your day was certainly better for it.

Knowing that I’ll never see another update on his blog or spot him at an event in London is too hard to process right now. The world just got a little quieter, a little more dull, a little less interesting. Gary was your favourite writer’s favourite writer.

Thank you for keeping us entertained, Gary. We’ll all miss you.