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Home is where the art is

My flat is rarely tidy, so I thought I’d take a few photos while it was. This time has already passed though and all that’s left are these three images. I treasure these moments.

Home is where the art is

Home is where the art is

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KAWS light bulbs

KAWS light bulbs

KAWS light bulbs, made for The Standard hotel chain in the US.

If you find a set, don’t plug them into a UK light fixture or anything using UK voltage – you need a step-down transformer and a US light fixture or you’ll blow ’em in seconds. Keep to 120v and you’re set. Luckily, I researched this before plugging mine in: I’m a prime candidate to have ruined the whole set in under a minute.

Thanks to my man Rich in BK for hooking various elements of this display up for me.

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adidas Randall

nano reef tank

Bedford's largest sneaker dungeon

Syntace CX Base bars



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adidas Questar

Malawi cichlids


Fenced off



Getting there with the reef tank...


My future penthouse block...

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There’s nothing like a walk in the park on a cold and crunchy afternoon.

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I promised myself that I’d never do this again…

Errol’s cool photography project had registered with me before, and when he called up and asked if I’d be interested in being included, I found myself saying ‘yes’ automatically. I’ve done this a few times before for different articles and interviews, but pulling out all my shoes to be photographed is a mammoth task. Three hours of reaching into the attic and crawling around in the wardrobe resulted in a five-hour photo session… and three hours of putting them away again.

On a brighter note, it gave me the perfect opportunity to rotate the current selection of shoes I’m wearing. Winter’s coming, so away with the runners and out with the ACGs, Gore-Tex hikers and other things I’d forgotten about.

The results of the shoot will appear on Errol’s Flicker account soon and then in an exhibition (and perhaps book) next year. Cheers Errol!

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Don’t get me wrong, Croydon is disgusting. But the view from my desk at home is pretty amazing. The skies are often dramatic: I can’t resist taking regular photos.

And the police station nearby provides a lot of entertainment in the evenings, but that’s another post altogether…

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