About me

I’m 40 years old and I live and work in Croydon, South London. I do freelance creative consultancy, copywriting, design, a little coding and template hacking, illustration and various other things for a number of clients (such as adidas, Vans, Nike, Samsung, Sony Playstation, Virgin and a few others). A small selection of work from my portfolio can be found here: http://allanglesmedia.com. It’s a little outdated right now, but it’s probably a good thing that I’m too busy to maintain it properly.

I co-founded the Unorthodox Styles creative agency in 1999, continuing a pseudonym that I used on my work throughout my college years at the London College of Printing. Alongside Russ Williamson and Chris Law, we ran the agency and co-created Crooked Tongues and Spinemagazine amongst several internal projects whilst there. Both have grown to become globally-recognised and acclaimed brands. Whilst acting as the Creative Director at Unorthodox, I balanced our client work with our internal projects: 7 day working weeks became the standard for over five years.

You can find my professional profile on my LinkedIn page and you might find me on various other networking sites, depending on whether I’ve gone ‘visible’ or left it hidden.

In July 2012, I helped launch www.thedropdate.com – an online resource to help people in the UK find the footwear they wanted. Ry Barr came up with the idea: he brought me along for the journey and I get involved with all aspects of the business, from running the editorial content through to brand liaison and back-end development. As of April 2016, we’ve generated over £5m in sales.

In March 2013, Paul Shier and Nick Jensen and I launched Isle Skateboards. I’ve had to formalise my role for business reasons, so I’m the creative director there. Skateboarding has been a big part of my life for over 30 years: being involved with a skate company from the very start has been a lifelong ambition. In January 2016, we were awarded Brand of the Year at the Bright European Skate Awards.

Chris Aylen