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Using system water and live rock from the local aquatic shop (that’s Heritage Aquatics in Wallington, Surrey in case you’re looking for a professional, reliable and friendly service) meant that we were able to start adding some critters and a couple of clowns to the tank sooner than if we’d had to go through a […]

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adidas IRAK Rmx EQT Sport Runner

Another top-shelf shoe and one of the best collaborative editions of all-time, in my opinion. When IRAK teamed up with adidas at the end of 2007, people weren’t ready. Unusual colours, amazing material choices and some in your FACE typography scared most people off. There was little hype surrounding them too: you could quite easily […]

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Marine nano tank

My tank with the stock tube lighting A third aquarium was inevitable: we’ve got the tropical area covered with our Malawi set-up, the coldwater section sorted with the little mountain minnows… and now I’ve got the marine and reef category ticked off. I’ve wanted to try keeping marine fish for years, but never thought that […]

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Sneaker Freaker

Wow. I wasn’t expecting that to go online so quickly after the shoot with Errol. Woody and the guys at Sneaker Freaker have just published a ‘catch up’ feature on my big (ie. silly) collection of trainers/sneakers after their interview with me for the Vintage feature they did a couple of years back. The models […]

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There’s nothing like a walk in the park on a cold and crunchy afternoon.

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Nike Huarache Burst AD21

One of the brightest colourways in my collection, the AD21 Bursts are in my top 5 Nikes of all-time. Released exclusively for the Japanese market vai the AD21 store back in 2004, these were pretty difficult to get. My days of doubling-up on shoes are over, but I’ve kept a spare pair of these on […]

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adidas Crooked Tongues ZX 9000

The Crooked Tongues piece in the adidas aZX puzzle, Charlie and Gary did a cracking job with the colours and material specification on these ZX 9000s. They’re packed with loads of great details: carbon fibre heel strike, charcoal 3M panels and other cool elements. I’m not sure these got the attention they deserved when they […]

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